Malibu Style

Malibu has a unique feel of luxury mixed with those familiar casual vibes you get near the beach… so it makes sense to dress like it when hanging out in Malibu.

One of my favorite hang-out spots in Malibu is Malibu Country Mart (where these photos were taken) across the street from Third Point (mainly for its Coffee Bean and Chipotle for after surf sessions).

This is a typical outfit I like to wear. Lately, I’ve been super into boyfriend jeans, which are basically just baggy, loose-fitting jeans… in other words, the most comfortable jeans you could possibly wear. They can look a little too laid-back sometimes, so I paired the jeans with an off the shoulder top from Flair the Label, giving my look a more feminine feel. As usual, I opted for a pair of Reef sandals, and then tied the look together with a crossbody bag from Elle Jay.

Sunglasses and Watch from MVMT

photography by @chrisgrantphoto

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