Shooting Moana Bikini’s “Island Time” Campaign

A glimpse into the making of Moana Bikini’s 2017 Campaign “Island Time” in Oahu, Hawaii.

In mid-September, I flew out to Oahu, HI for a week-long campaign shoot for Moana Bikinis. The first half of the week was spent in our own beach house right above Shark’s Cove.

Processed with Snapseed.

Every day was a long, but fun day of shooting. We started early and would be out until the sunset.

Every morning, I got my hair and makeup done by Michael Huxley. Beach waves and glowing skin were the main focus in creating the look for Moana 2017. I constantly got oiled up with Bali Body to give my skin that summertime sheen, which is important when shooting swimwear.

Hair and Makeup by @lordhuxley



Playing around between shots at Keiki Beach, North Shore Oahu

with Karina Irby and Ella van Seters


Filming the Moana Video Campaign with Steph Claire Smith



After wrapping up on the North Shore, we packed up our things and cruised over to the South Shore, Waikiki. We took the scenic road back to town, stopping along the way to shoot.

In Waikiki, we checked into our hotel, and I got some free time to spend surfing at Queens and Canoes in Waikiki.

My last day in Hawaii, we took out a catamaran to watch the sunset.


Preview of the official Moana Bikinis Campaign, launching November 28,2016

shot by Trent Mitchell

video by Sam Norwood


Preview of the Island Time Campaign:

Some snapchat/iphone videos from @moana_bikini

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