Reef Adventure Seeker Series: The Maldives

World-class diving… Perfect waves… Turquoise water clearer than a swimming pool. I’ve heard so many stories about how the Maldives is the ultimate paradise destination, and it’s been at the top of my list of places to go for years. I knew I had to go see it for myself, and I had the opportunity to do that on my latest #ReefAdventureSeeker’s trip.

My journey began with a 16 hour flight to Dubai, a two hour layover, a 4 hour flight to Male, and then a boat ride to Kani Island. When I finally arrived at my overwater villa at  Club Med Kani resort, it had probably been about 30 hours since I had left home back in Los Angeles.

Traveling for that long can take a toll on your body, but I was able to recover quickly with a bit of Vitamin “SEA”. The first thing I did after getting settled in was to dive off my personal dock and go for a long swim. There’s nothing like a warm ocean to wash off that travel grime. Afterwards, I relaxed in my bathtub overlooking the ocean and sipped on a LOT of water with Emergen-C to hydrate after being in a plane for so long. I also stretched out and did some yoga, and felt brand new and refreshed in no time.


The Club Med Kani resort hosted myself and photographer, Chris Delorenzo. We each got our own luxury overwater villas and enjoyed all of the activities and all-inclusive food and beverages that the resort had to offer. At the buffet, there were a variety of cuisines (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, etc.) to cater to all of the international guests who came to stay at Kani. I tried a bit of everything at each meal.


1. Enjoy the world-class diving spots.

I had the most unbelievable diving experiences here. From swimming with hundreds of dolphins to floating among schools of giant sting rays to spotting lone manta rays, the life in the Indian Ocean is vibrant and diverse.


2. Surf perfect waves all to yourself

At Club Med Kani, there’s a surf spot right outside the resort called Ninja. To get to it, you need to take a boat around the reef because it’s too shallow to walk or paddle to the waves. But once you get there, you can surf empty rights all day long, which is what I did.


3. Go sightseeing from the air, a boat (or both)

This was my first time going on a sea plane, and I highly recommend it. Not only is it super fun to take off and land from the water, but the aerial view is absolutely breathtaking.


We wandered around a local fisherman’s village one afternoon. The walls were brightly painted, which gave it a true island look. We walked around the small streets, and each one was different from the next.


4. Swim in the clearest water imaginable

The water surrounding the Maldives is clearer than any swimming pool I’ve ever been in. I could open my eyes without goggles and see bright colored fish happily swimming among the coral.


5. Breathe Deeply and Enjoy Your Surroundings

In a place like this, it’s easy to lose track of time. I say embrace that luxury and just live in the moment. Soak in the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature. After being in city, it’s nice to unwind and unplug- to slow down with time and be in touch with yourself.


Photography by  Chris Delorenzo

Reef Shoes:

Cushion Tide Break in Rose

Girls Ridge

Downtown Truss

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